Losing It Week 2

Family solidarity with Vanderbilt Wife and Life Without Marbles. Healthier lifestyle. English wedding in May. France in July. Must lose weight. That’s what I keep telling myself. “Myself” seems to be having trouble with her hearing.

I just couldn’t get motivated to get out a post this weekend, and here it is Wednesday already. We’re well on our way to another Friday’s “Losing It” post. I just can’t think of anything witty to say; maybe my healthier food choices are affecting my creativity. I always thought I was hilarious with a forkful of fried calamari and a glass of wine in my hands.

So, let’s try using Shakespeare as my muse. How does she love “herself” this week? Let me count the ways.

  1. I love that “she” bought a new scale. It weighs the same as the scale at the doctor’s office and keeps her honest at home.
  2. I love that “she” bought a pedometer. She only has about 4,000 steps today, but she is going to work on that tonight while American Idol is on.
  3. I love that “her” elastic waisted pants are all getting too big. Can I get a witness to a loud chorus of “Give them away!”?
  4. I love that “her” boss is joining in on our solidarity movement and is support of “her” efforts. (Can’t do a photo of him here in order to retain his anonymity.)

Now if “she” can only stop writing in third person and take responsibility for her own weight loss, “she” might get some results. It’s a challenge, but when I look at the state of my mother’s health, it’s a challenge that I know I have to face head-on and conquer.

  • % Lost: I lost 1% of my body weight. I wish it were more, but if I do this enough times, it will add up.
  • Week One Goal: Only did McDonald’s breakfast once again this week. Maybe that should just be the goal.
  • Week Two Goal: Exercising was mostly comprised of walking around school. A sad showing on this one, but the pedometer may be the motivation I need.
  • Week Three Goal: Stop eating sodium-laden frozen lunches. Pack my own with leftovers.

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