Losing It: Week 3

The international symbol for “NO” — and my new mantra.

No starving myself. No blood sugar crashes. No fad diets.

Are you with me?


  • % Lost: I lost 1.5% of my body weight. That’s probably due to my having a more accurate scale.
  • Week One Goal: Caved in to McDonald’s breakfast more than once this week. Can I claim stress as my trigger?
  • Week Two Goal: Using the pedometer was very interesting. One day I walked 7,000 steps in a regular day; other days I guess I spent too much time at my computer because I only walked a few thousand steps. This needs to be more consistent. “GET OUT OF THE CHAIR!” she said. (There I go talking in third person again. Bad me.)
  • Week Three Goal: It was a good week for sodium, except for those McDonald’s breakfasts and the prepared pesto sauce. Gotta make my own, and I can’t wait until I have basil in my garden again. Spring appears to be trying to get here.
  • Week Four Goal: This is going to be a hard one. If I can keep from gaining weight and keep up with Goals 1, 2, and 3, I’ll be happy. There are likely to be road trips during the upcoming week. 😦

Join us at Giving Up On Perfect. It’s all about solidarity.


One response

  1. Solidarity, sister! (Although I’ll admit I’m a big fan of McD’s breakfast, too!)

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