Losing It: Week 4

I didn’t this week.  And frankly, I loved every minute of the times I spent with friends socializing this week. But I’m still trying.

One of the most lovely things about being my age is that I can cope with a bad week, because I am absolutely sure that next week can be a better one.

Between my mother’s declining health and that fact that it’s the week before spring break at school,  I’m pretty sure that next week will be a really bad week, but that doesn’t mean I have to drown my sorrows in food. It just means that I have to be as intentional as possible about filling my little cooler with good things to eat.

I’ve been doing pretty well with the witching hour between the time the students leave at 3:00 and the time I actually eat dinner at 6:30 or so. I have a stash of Glucerna bars in my closet, and usually have one of those. They are nice and chewy and chocolatey and satisfy that craving. I often have cottage cheese or one of the little yogurts then, too. I haven’t stopped for fast food on the way home for a month (since we’ve been doing Losing It Fridays), and I’m pleased with that success. I don’t even think about it now.

As usual, I’m sitting at my desk and looking outside. I just took a similar photo last week when the yard was totally spring green.

We’re having snow on the first day of spring, but like my  week for dieting, I know this will pass. At the risk of offending you with a corny metaphor, spring snow is like my eating journey. The snow is an aberration; it will go away and so will my bad food behaviors of the past week. And like the way we anticipate spring, I already feel rejuvenated and excited about what’s to come. There are lots of skinny spring and summer clothes (well, skinnier) in my closet calling my name!

Have you had any little successes this week? Share them with  me and with Vanderbilt Wife. Link up to Giving Up On Perfect to share your weight loss story with sympathetic friends.


5 responses

  1. Although I don’t know your age, I have found personally that I am way more forgiving of myself now (at age 48) than I used to be. In the past years, I would fall off the “diet wagon” and then just give up. Realizing that plan wasn’t working… now when I have a bad day (or meal) I do better the next time.
    Snow on the first day of Spring? Crazy! Do you make snowmen?

    1. As a proud 1952er, I do think I’m able to look at the bigger picture because of my age. Speaking of pictures, if you live anywhere near Philadelphia, I’ve seen lots of photos of your snow this winter. Mine has been nothing compared to that. And no, I haven’t built one snowman this winter. I haven’t even been outside today yet, since I’m addicted to my computer networking. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. That late afternoon time is bad for me, too. If I don’t plan ahead with a (hopefully healthy) snack right before I leave work, I attack the fridge the moment I get home!

  3. We are doing a biggest loser contest at work. We weigh in on Wednesdays, and I did not do well this week. I’m trying to be extra good today before tomorrow’s weigh in but doubt it will help much. The laste afternoon is my worst time too.

    Regarding the snow, it was in the 70s in Virginia this weekend. Makes me remember one reason we left Chicago.

    1. I’m actually trying not to be in a contest. I am VERY competitive, as you know, but that’s not going to help me get healthy and stay healthy. Keep trying. If you lose one pound a week, you’ve lost 50 in a year, and how those years fly by these days!

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