All Roads Lead to American Idol

The funniest thing happened tonight. I got a local public service phone call telling me that many area roads will be closed on Friday night due to the party being held at Arlington Park Racetrack for Lee Dewyze. I guess I had better get home and do my laundry instead of going over to my friend’s bar across the street from the racetrack where there will also be a party.

Although I think he’s an interesting guy (and a darn sight better than Casey what’s-his-name with the bleating sheep vibrato), I’m still solidly in the Crystal Bowersox camp.

When I looked up her bio, I found that she went to Oak Harbor High School, where my friend Ken teaches music. She transferred to the Toledo School for the Arts, which doesn’t surprise me. She also moved to Chicago and performed locally in my old Lakeview neighborhood.

It’s a tough choice: Crystal from Ohio or Lee from Mount Prospect? Only time will tell, but it ain’t gonna be Casey.


One response

  1. Mary Ette Kramer | Reply

    Well I agree with you on Casey for sure. How is he still in this? The blond hair?

    I’m for Crystal. I think she has the most consistency and I just like her – but I also like Lee. Either is okay with me I guess.

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