Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road

Is it just me, or is everyone seeing and smelling skunks everywhere you go? It seems like I can’t get in my car and drive anywhere without finding the remains of a skunk. I hate it when the skunk smell gets in my car, and even when I’m past the place where the skunk was, it still lingers.

Skunks seem to be more brave than they used to be. A skunk walked right across my brick driveway the other morning, and another one strutted across our church sidewalk as if he owned the place. Come to think of it, he probably could choose to “own” any place if he decided to.


“The skunk had its scent glands removed shortly after birth.”


I found a funny story about this cute kid and his pet skunk — REALLY?  The pet skunk who likes to be taken out on walks through suburbia. When I was midway through writing this post, I remembered the school conference night in which a parent came to school smelling like a skunk. Apparently he had encountered a skunk while preparing to come to school and decided it was more important to bring his son to student-led conferences than to clean up. Or maybe he couldn’t smell himself. Is that how a skunk feels? He just can’t smell himself so he doesn’t know how awful it is? Should we feel sorry for the poor skunk? But back to the conference — needless to say, we hustled that family out as soon as it was politely possible. I think we showed admirable restraint, thank you very much.

I listened to a lot of youtube clips of Loudon Wainwright III singing the original song. Although they are a trip down memory lane, I hesitated to link them here due to poor graphics, but I just couldn’t resist.

Anyone else sick of skunks?


2 responses

  1. I feel sorry for wildlife because we are taking over their fields and forests from overbuilding of stripmalls.

  2. Funny you should have posted that Sunday. Last night two of the dogs got skunked right outside the house. We smelled it inside, it was that close. Try de-skunking a dog at 11 pm whenyou are already in your pj’s ready for bed.

    Just one of the joys of country living! At least we didn’t have to deskunk one of the horses.

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