22 Days of Christmas

One of the most wonderful things about Christmastime is anticipation. There’s a certain extra spark to our anticipation at this time of year. I wonder what impromptu parties will happen; I wonder how many people will come to our band concert; I wonder what our family trip to points West will bring. I am also anticipating an addition to our family with the birth of a new grandnephew. What a blessing for all of us at Christmas; thanks, Vanderbilt Wife and Mr. V, for timing your pregnancy so perfectly!

As I write this on Friday night, we are anticipating LOTS of snow tomorrow. Although I didn’t take this photo, it could have been taken in my back yard during winter snows. I have a zillion errands to do tomorrow, so snow will interfere with my plans, but I just can’t help but be thrilled with the possibility of waking up to the pristine whiteness of brand new snow. I hope that the reality will equal the anticipation. See you on the flip side.


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  1. […] I look at this 22 Days of Christmas post from last year, it’s hard to believe that we were anticipating snow. Today was a balmy and sometimes rainy […]

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