Boxing Day Princesses

In British countries, the 26th of December traditionally is a legal holiday and the day that you are supposed to give gifts to service people in your life. We in “egalitarian” America don’t celebrate this holiday, and tend to give our gifts prior to Christmas to our hairdressers and doormen. The day after Christmas in America is celebrated by returning unwanted gifts and buying stuff on sale with the gift cards you received. Kind of anticlimactic.

Thankfully, December 26 in my world is marked by the birthdays of two of my favorite people, my sister-in-law, and one of the sisters of my heart. As a person who didn’t know anyone who shared my birthday until well into my adult years, what are the odds of two of my best friends sharing the same birthday?

Tonight we enjoyed a birthday meal in an amazing setting at Salty’s on Alki Beach, looking east toward downtown Seattle. It was a fitting end to a wonderful day.


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