Book Review: Me, Myself and Why?

I can reliably say that I have never read a book quite like Me, Myself and Why?. That’s saying quite a bit, since I have read thousands of books in my lifetime. Maybe even thousands and thousands.

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Apparently MaryJanice Davidson normally writes in the “vampire chick-lit genre.” I suppose that puts her in the category of Twilight‘s Stephenie Meyers. It makes me cringe to think that there’s officially a vampire chick-lit genre that we gullible readers are actually buying to make MaryJanice a New York Times Best Selling Author. Gag.

That being said, Me, Myself and Why? was quite entertaining if you’re not afraid of reading-while-politically-incorrect, and it’s not about vampires. Davidson’s heroine, Candace Jones, has multiple personality disorder, stemming from a traumatic incident in her childhood. She works for a secret FBI division based in Minneapolis and all of the agents are recruited because of their “issues’ such as kleptomania and OCD. Candace and her “sisters” Shiro and Adrienne come in and out to play as they try to find a serial killer.

Each sister-personality has her own style, both of behavior and speaking, and the reader is introduced to the different takes on the crime-solving through shifting chapters in each voice. Several reviewers found it confusing, but I thought it made a somewhat obvious plot more interesting. There’s the reliable best friend, the red-herring, and then the obvious under-your-nose killer, but with a twist. I was disappointed with the abrupt ending; it felt as though Davidson ran out of steam, but apparently this was her attempt to set us up for a trilogy starring Candace and her two sisters.

If you’re interested but just not sure you want to invest time or money on this one, link up here. is offering a free prequel to introduce you to the characters. I don’t have Kindle set up yet (I know, I’m a loser but I like the real thing) so I’m not sure how this works. Just sharing…

Just looking back at the sentences above gives me the creeps. I’m sure you figured out that her name is not a typo; that’s how she spaces it on the book. Given my predilection for typo hunting, I probably would not have used MaryJanice incorrectly more than once. Gag again. What happened to naming one’s child something simple?

But that’s a post for another day.

Keep reading; it will keep you sane and sexy.


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