Why I Came to My Senses

Two weeks ago I got all starry-eyed about being the next big blogging sensation. I linked up to a few workshop sites and got a significant amount of traffic. In my zeal to be a famous blogger, I wrote a semi-long post about how my little darlings at school were cutting into my blogging time. I was kind, but I did whine a little about the papers I had to grade instead of working on the blog. What I forgot was that blogging isn’t my job.

In my fledgling path to blogging success, I stumbled on an amazing writer who actually brought me to my senses about begrudging my students the time I owe them. Hannah Katy’s post about her preschool students was poignant and reminded me why I am a teacher. She’s right; my students are not going to remember much about me or what I taught them in eighth grade, but they will remember if I loved them and proved it to them by my actions.

At least for now, that’s my job and I’m lucky to have a job that I love.

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8 responses

  1. you automatically have my respect as a teacher. the hardest job on earth, & the most influential. we all remember those feelings from those special teachers, the feelings of love. thanks for what you do!

    1. Some days are better than others. It’s hard work in an instant gratification society, but intellectual curiosity can be developed even in kids who aren’t born with it. It’s a home/school partnership that promotes scholarship. Thanks for commenting and giving support. I appreciate it!

  2. This really made my morning. I am so thankful that my post could help you in some way… I am not teaching preschool anymore and already I miss those kids so much.

    1. I have a group of kids this year that are Demanding with a capital D, but I will miss them. They are also sweet underneath all of their bravado.Thanks for commenting!

  3. So very true. I can’t imagine how tough your job must be but I sure apprieciate all the good, hard working teachers out there. You have a good perspective.

    1. Really, it’s about the love, isn’t it? We all want love. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Yes, when I feel frustrated with my job, I truly do know that I enjoy the kids (I am a school psychologist). It is the best part of the job. Thank goodness. Something needs to keep me coming back (besides the paycheck)!

    1. They need us. That’s why we do it, even when they don’t behave as we wish they would. It’s also why we need summers. :). Thanks for commenting!

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