Why I Am Not Writing

Ask any teacher this time of year and they will tell you why they are not writing in their blogs — or doing much else in their personal lives either.

  1. I am frantically grading all the last assignments so that I don’t have to pull all-nighters on the days before grades are due.
  2. I am cleaning, sorting, and packing up my room so that they can hold summer school classes in it practically before my heels cross the threshold.
  3. I am trying to keep order in a schoolroom full of rambunctious eighth graders who are SO DONE with middle school but still have more than two weeks left. It wears me out.
  4. I have retirement, celebration, end-of-year, and graduation events almost every night starting next week. (Somebody’s got to eat that food and drink that wine.)
I can hear you all muttering about how lucky I am to have eight weeks of vacation. Yes, that’s part of my employment contract, and I double dare you to spend 180 days EVERY YEAR with 75 hormonal teenagers. See you in a couple of weeks!

Why I...This post is linked up to Vanderbilt Wife’s Why I… carnival. After reading and sending me some comment love, please go visit some posters at The Wife.


2 responses

  1. I hear you! I taught Jr. High, and used to tell all the jealous-of-summer people that it was either summer vacation, or free mental health care!

    1. Of course, after I wrote this, my students were delightful today. Thanks for stopping by!

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