31 Days in Europe: It’s a new day

I just got home from visiting my friend and seeing her photos of Italy. When I went to my blog, it’s now 12:02 am and I have missed a day of 31 Days. I don’t regret it a bit. I loved seeing Kathy’s photos of Italy and hope that she will guest post later in the month. Until then, here is something to keep you interested until later “tonight.” Did you know that Winston Churchill was a prolific painter as well as a politician?

This post  linked up with hundreds of other 31 Day-ers. Join the fun and visit other bloggers as they share a piece of themselves. I’m still number 568, by the way.


One response

  1. Swoon! I didn’t know that Churchill was a painter – but I wouldn’t be surprised, he was a gift to the world.

    xoxo michele

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