31 Days in Europe: Notting Hill

When we go on vacation, I always want to visit the locations of books and movies that I love. This year’s trip to London was no exception; all roads led to the shrine of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, Notting Hill. We spent time walking around the cute neighborhood, but frankly, I was mostly on the lookout for the very recognizable blue facade of The Travel Bookshop.

Image via nottinghillproperties.com

Even though I was surreptitiously taking photos and being not-too-touristy, I don’t think it mattered. There are hundreds of photos online of the interior and exterior of this famous movie location.

Image credit: Got My Reservations

Every time I see this movie, I am blown away by Julia Roberts’s elegant portrayal of the actress who finds true love. It’s cheesy, but gets me every time.

Image via whatculture.com

If you’re a fan, it’s worth the extra time it will take you to find the Holy Grail of Notting Hill. It’s a wonderful bookstore all on its own, besides.


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