31 Days in Europe (America): Dancing With the Stars

I have to abandon my regularly scheduled programming to talk DWTS. Who’s with me on this? Reality television had its start in Europe, so I claim executive privilege in talking about it here.

Who are you rooting for? I know that’s a dangling preposition, grammar police. We’re talking cultural context here, which is entitled by English major tradition to have some flexibility, so give me a break.

I’m still behind one week, and I’m still inexplicably crying over Chaz Bono’s paso  doble. Is it possible for a woman/man to be the matador? Are the XX chromosomes destined to play the “feminine” role while the XY are the male role models? Wikipedia says that the X chromosome contains about 2000 genes while the Y chromosome contains only 78 genes. Does that mean that in fact, the Y is the weaker sex?

If you watch Chaz Bono, doing what no trans-gender person has ever done, trying to compensate for his size seven female feet and his feminine frame carrying a male hormonal weight, it gives one a new perspective about gender identification. And doing it on an international platform? I applaud those who have the bravery to come out and face the music, be it international or one-to-one in the privacy of one’s own community.

After all, it’s all about music and the human response to it, isn’t it?

Image via accesshollywood.com

P.S. I wish Cher had kept her original face and aged gracefully. Her 65-year-old face was kind of scary. Same goes with Bruce Jenner. He was super cute back in the day.


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