Writer’s Workshop: The Edge of Reason

This post is linked up to Mama Kat’s World Famous Writer’s Workshop. Today’s prompt is to write a post in just eight lines.

Television is the edge of reason

Image via Got My Reservations

I can’t live without it and I can’t live with it

Image via sabotagetimes.com

Fake reality and realistic families

Image via sabotagetimes.com

Decorating lust and real estate wish lists

Image via howstuffworks.com

My best friend my DVR

Image via nimblogthing.blogspot.com

I love that I can fast forward through commercials

Image via thechrismack.com

Tired of gratuitous swearing and violence

Image via Got My Reservations

I might be turning into my father.


10 responses

  1. I don’t DVR, but I love it that commercials aren’t included on DVD’s of the TV shows I watch.

    1. I don’t have the patience to wait for the season DVDs. You’re stronger than me!

  2. I love the soap in the mouth shot. One of my teachers in elementary school washed folks’ mouths out with soap when they said naughty words. ICKY!

    I’m here from Mama Kat’s site. Have a great evening!

  3. If I did this prompt, I would probably write the eight longest sentences in the world. Love this! So true!

    1. It just kind of flew out of my fingers as a welcome relief from the long 31 Days posts I have been writing all month. Love you!

  4. I love that you wrote this ode to TV and it referenced reality TV. What would my life be without it?! 🙂

    1. I just realized that I made my students write an ode that was due yesterday — and that’s what I wrote too.

  5. Oh I love it!! And couldn’t agree with you more. You did a great job with the prompt!!

  6. Jennie – we are so much alike! Ditto what you said. Thank you for coming over and visiting me today! I’m having so much fun with photoscape and my photos – after you load the photo you click on edit. You have to mess around with the “home” settings – look for a button that says “bloom” and click on it. Then I mess around with the back-lighting, auto levels, etc. It is just fun to see what you can do.

    I love your post on Alcott – I’m going to pick her up again very soon, thanks to your beautifully persuasive prompting.

    xoxo michele

  7. […] November, I hit the jackpot again with friends from Mama Kat’s coming by to visit. My eight line post with photos was popular, as was my story about going to Burger Chef for our family night out. Given the bundle […]

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