20 Days of Christmas 2011: Martha Stewart’s Holiday Planning List

If you’ve ever read Martha Stewart Living, you will be familiar with the calendar she posts in each monthly magazine. I don’t know how any human being could actually do what she says she does, but at this point, we all know she has lots of help.

When one is perfect in every way, it’s hard to avoid being parodied. This list is copyrighted and has dire warnings on the site, so I’ll just give you the link. It’s pretty funny.

Martha, I still love you. Don’t they say that imitation (or parody) is the highest form of flattery?

If you’re still looking for Christmas decorations, you can buy branded Martha Stewart forest creatures at Grandin Road.

I already hooked you up with Martha Stewart’s Home for the Holidays album. The Martha Stewart machine has also published Classical Favorites for the Holidays and Jazz for the Holidays. Here’s the cover art for Traditional Songs for the Holidays which has NO customer reviews on Amazon.com. Probably not a good sign, but the one reviewer really liked the jazz album.

It’s kind of hard to imagine on this warm night that last year at this time we were talking about snow. Here’s my 20 Days of Christmas 2010 post. See you tomorrow!


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