14 Days of Christmas 2011: The Wine Cork Montage

My sister-in-law has a December 26 birthday. Some years I see her and some I don’t, but I’ve always tried to be cognizant of the universe’s joke played upon people who have birthdays around Christmas and get her a birthday present no matter what. I have a July birthday and we usually see each other in August, and she brings me a present from Seattle. Many of our presents are linked to our shared enjoyment of wine. Suzanne bought me a cork cage and together we inaugurated it with some corks from wonderful Washington state wines.

Fast forward to eighteen months later, and my cork cage is full — overflowing, in fact. It’s time to do something with all of those corks; each of them holds memories. Suzanne made bulletin boards out of her corks and I was encouraged to do the same.

Image via collegecandy.com

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough corks to complete the project, but I put the kit on my Christmas wish list anyway. 2012 should be a very good year!

Just in case you decide to do this project too and need some music to accompany your crafting, I’ve chosen four great albums that swing.

FA LA LA LA DOO WOP has performances by The Temptations, The Isley Brothers, Patti LaBelle, Frankie Lyman, and other groups.

It’s Christmas Time is a 1970 remastering of Elvis’s 1957 Christmas album. All your favorites are here, including Blue Christmas.

John Pizzarelli’s Christmas album, Let’s Share Christmas, is a Sinatra/big band/swing band style offering. Quite nice for an elegant party.

My personal favorite of the bunch is Swing Ye Noël with the Ritz Carlton Orchestra. Its rocking swing arrangements of familiar Christmas music will help to keep you merry and bright while you fill up your wine cage this holiday season.

Last year Suzanne wrote about her day as a birthday princess; I think you’ll enjoy it!


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  1. When we were at Brian Carter winery last week, Deborah bought me a Christmas ornament identical to the cork cage, but holding just one cork. So cute! And at Matthews Estate winery (which produces a yummy Blackboard Red that you must try, given its obvious educational tie-in), we saw a fabulous wine cork wreath, which another friend of mine has already reproduced. Would just require a styrofoam wreath from Michael’s, lots of corks, and lots of toothpicks. Red wine corks would work better, since they’d add some color.

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