Fever Pitch

Image via kellyandbradmaxwell.blogspot.com

I’ve been sick. Really sick. Somebody brought some nasty bug with them this year and we all caught it. Cold in the chest accompanied by coughing that makes me think my diaphragm muscles are going to break apart.  I even stayed home from school on the first day back. My Facebook teacher friends got tired of me waffling last night and finally kicked me in the patootie (in writing, of course) and told me to call in sick. So I did.

Unlike some of my social media friends, I did not unplug over the holidays. Over the last four days, my iPhone and computer were lifelines to the outside world — to the New Year’s Eve party I couldn’t attend and to various movie and television sites that kept me from complete despair while sick. I could rationalize that I had a chance to watch all these stupid girlie movies that DH would never watch with me, all for the slim monthly cost of Netflix. BTW, did you know that Netflix has a “strong female lead” category? Are you surprised that those are the movies to which I gravitate? No surprise there, I can hear my family saying.

Anyway, I’m glad my machines were here to keep me company and keep me sane. It’s been a week that I don’t want to repeat anytime soon.


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  1. I can’t criticize your photos because every photo I take has my finger in it. But my goal for 2012 is to worry less. Are you feeling any better after your day of rest?

  2. I’m feeling much better and thanks for asking. I can’t believe that we never got together once over the break, especially since we haven’t celebrated your birthday yet. Maybe Kelly wants to give us both lessons in photography; is it possible to carve out a regular time for a class with her?

    1. I know, I was thinking the same thing (about getting together). Maybe on MLK day? I think I’m going to take a meditation class (for my resolution) so I think that I’ll pass on the photo class. But I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor. 🙂 I assume you’re going back to school tomorrow; have a good day. Remember, it’s like ripping off a band aid.

  3. Thanks for coming by to visit! I hope you love your OLW journey! I’ve been reading Little Women today 🙂

    1. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, Merrick. Be sure to check in on Sunday with your thoughts about Louisa and her life.

  4. “Strong Female Lead” is like my number one most recommended category on Netflix! It’s fun to see the crazy categories they recommend for you as you go along especially if your tastes are pretty random like mine.

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