RENEW 2012: I Dream a Dream

With all due respect to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Alain Boublil, I am dreaming of some different kinds of things this winter. In the spirit of RENEWing my life in 2012, here’s my top ten list. Some will happen this year and some will probably have to wait, but I’m remaining optimistic for the future.

  1. I dream of leisurely having my healthy breakfast and coffee and then taking an exercise walk with my camera to see what’s going on in the world.
  2. I dream of learning how to use my camera and not just hoping for the best.
  3. I dream of darling husband’s not having to get the snow thrower out at 4:30 am, waking up all the neighbors and garnering ill will, just so that I can get my car out of the driveway to get to school.
  4. I dream of a day that allows me to read an entire book while lounging on my couch.
  5. I dream of kitchen drawers that don’t have little crumbs in the corners.
  6. I dream of planning, shopping for, and cooking delightful, healthy meals for darling husband and myself on a daily basis instead of “when I have time.”
  7. I dream of having a clean dining room table every day, not just when company is coming over.
  8. I dream of having time to actually write that book.
  9. I dream of having my crafts — sewing, jewelry-making, scrapbooking — organized and easy to use.
  10. I dream of a day without crabbiness, snarkiness, or general disappointment with my world.

And some days I wish I could go back in time and be Lea Michele or Idina Menzel. Unfortunately, I think that ship has sailed.

I’m linked up to Top Ten Tuesday at Oh Amanda — please be sure to stop by and say hi to a few new friends!


8 responses

  1. You dream of…retirement?

  2. It sounds to me like you are dreaming of retirement. Me too.

    1. Ashley and Kathy F — don’t tell anyone.

  3. lottoresultsblog786 | Reply

    Beautiful dreams! Some of them are my dream too!

  4. I love how you paraphrased this speech … and I love your dreams. I share many of them.

  5. I’m pretty sure I’ll make some progress on the photography dream. Not so sure about many of the others!

  6. […] I stumbled on a blogger with a fun way to link up photos on Fridays that fits right in with one of my RENEW goals for 2012 — using my cameras more thoughtfully and intentionally. The challenge is to photograph the […]

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