Downton Abbey: Team Batanna

Just in case you’re living under a costume drama rock, there’s some mighty fine television happening on Sunday nights on PBS.

Which team are you on? Are you for Branson and Sybil? Matthew and Mary? Bates and Anna?

I’m Team Batanna, although tonight’s episode puts some possible changes in the wind…

There has been a wonderful series on the Jane Austen’s World blog about Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed. I encourage you to check it out!

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3 responses

  1. Bates and Anna are super sweet but their naivete gets tiresome. His wife is obviously crazy determined and they need to take her down! Also why would the Bates we know even marry someone as unhinged as her?

    I ❤ Matthew and Mary but I feel like no one is talking about whether we still want them to get together if Matthew really is "unable to have a proper marriage." I love them…but is that what we want for Mary??

  2. Oh, Lala, you know that Matthew will “get it back.” He has to make an heir, doesn’t he?

  3. Downtown Abbey is a Sunday night event just as Upstairs, Downstairs was years ago and As Time Goes By is on Saturdays.
    We already know that Bate’s crazy wife gets offed next episode, Matthew is having twinges of feeling, and suspect that Branson and Sybil will at least “get it on” shortly. You have to wonder how and when Patrick will reappear. Too much angst possible to just dismiss that character after one episode.

    Fun show but it reminds me a lot of the daily earth shattering crises observed while teaching middle school.

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