Food Cult: The Perfect Beef

I already blogged about our gastronomic extravaganza at the extraordinary Richard Phillips restaurant at Chapel Down Winery just outside of Tenterden, in Kent. Unfortunately, in checking my links, I found that the restaurant just closed. So, so sad. I hope you enjoy the photo anyway. It makes my mouth water for a taste of that perfectly cooked beef.

Does your blog need a restaurant bucket list? The idea’s not mine; I really appreciate the link-up at Hamburgers and Hotness!


2 responses

  1. david collier | Reply

    That’s sad – they were putting out high class food but you just have to get the math right – how many people in travelling distance or visiting will want to spend that amount on a meal each year. Doing it in the middle of the countryside in a recession was always risky.

    1. According to the newspaper, the locals passed some sort of ordinance that limited the number of weddings they could cater. Doing that significantly reduced their income, and Richard Phillips and his organization decided to bail on Frazier. I hope Chapel Down can find another celebrity chef to bring in the diners.

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