Food Cult: Veggie Tales

So we tried a new vegetable last night.

We’re trying to be both adventurous and healthy. I have heard rave reviews of braised fennel.

Indeed, fennel has an anise taste all its own. I love black licorice, so I figured, how bad could it be?

I followed the recipe directions.

I braised it in my trusty Le Creuset pot in olive oil. I even added cucumber slices to braise them, too, a la Julia C. I used white wine and sweet fruity vinegar to make the sauce. It should have been good.

Yet both were kind of boring. Meh.

Even Music Man, who usually applauds my attempts to give him healthy and low-calorie meal choices, said that it wasn’t a keeper.

On to broccoli dip. I promise I’ll use fat-free ingredients wherever possible. 🙂

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2 responses

  1. I really liked Julia’s braised cukes when I made them … but I also think I used about three times as much butter as you were supposed to, on accident. I’m not sure I’d care for fennel by itself, but I do like it A LOT in this (very healthy!) soup:

    1. This soup looks good and I have some stock in the pantry that needs to be used. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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